Bitter Viparo


Bitter Viparo

The Herbal Bitter 100% ternano

Amaro Viparo, from the Latin words Vis and Pario (son-in-law strength), has been the Authentic Umbrian Bitter since 1912. Invented and patented by the pharmacist Metello Morganti to cure the ailments of some of his customers, Viparo, in addition to having a very pleasant taste, possessed portentous digestive tonic-corroborative virtues for which it became increasingly’ appreciated and sought after. Even today the principles of quality , the strict and rigorous criteria of herb selection , are applied to the production of Viparo in full continuation of the values of tradition.


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The name of Viparo comes from the Latin “vis pario” meaning “I generate strength.” The liqueur was registered under this name in 1912 in Official Gazette No. 216 by “apothecary” Metello Morganti, founder of the historic Morganti Pharmacy located on Corso Vecchio in Terni. It is 1912, full Bell’ Epoque, that is, in the era when there was no landlady who did not keep a few bottles, personally prepared, in the cupboard. Metello Morganti sensed that the compound he obtained could pander to the tastes of his customers, who were increasingly coming to the award-winning Morganti Pharmacy to taste the specialty in tiny glasses of 50 cents each. He thought of calling his own invention “Viparo.” Viparo, besides having a very pleasant flavor , possessed portentous tonic-corroborative-digestive virtues for which it was increasingly appreciated and sought after. Workers in the fields and workshops, office workers and students, all people subjected to a strenuous regimen of life, the weak and the convalescent, found effective refreshment in the Viparo.

Gradation: 20,9%

Tasting: to drink cold or on the rocks

Bottle quantity: 700 ml

Ingredients: Water, sugar, alcohol, herbal and root infusions, natural flavors, burnt sugar.


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