Pampepato PGI

From Terni,
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An ancient history of innovation

Terni’s pampepato has an ancient and humble history that traces the history of our land, Umbria. A story of love, passion and innovation, a story that we continue to write in Evy.


Pampepato is our Christmas dessert

The origins of Pampepato di Terni can be traced back to the 1500s although, in the choice of ingredients used and the base, some experts even trace it back to the ancient Romans.
Christmas dessert par excellence, it has been prepared for centuries with what the rural economy allowed to be set aside during the year. Today, its recognizability is linked to the territory to its scents and flavors that have granted it the PGI designation.

We make the pampepato like this

our piece de resistance

the pampepato

Reserved for the Christmas table, it was packed with what housewives had on hand to enrich and make the usual food tastier and more suitable for festive days: walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, almonds, in varying amounts according to the year, cooked must and raisins prepared during the grape harvest, home-made honey, at the time certainly cheaper than sugar, candied fruit and chocolate according to household economics, and finally a handful of pepper, cinnamon and other spices to give that taste
spicy and distinctive. Handcrafted in the tradition handed down from generation to generation and off to bake a few minutes in the hot oven.

In the tasting, you can
perceive a set of flavors
given by the many ingredients, but
Where none prevails over the other.
The aromaticity of honey, dried and candied fruits, the flavor of chocolate, the contrast of espresso coffee, and the cooked must that adds to the aromatic sequence of flavors. Well-balanced and complex flavor characteristics, with a final spicy note where pepper dominates the mouth closure as if to distinguish the nature of this dessert.

In 2020, Pampepato di Terni was awarded the PGI mark “Protected Geographical Indication certifying the uniqueness of the product and of its production specification. 

The Pampepato di Terni IGP can be marketed by specification igp from 25 g up to 1 kg, with diameter 1 cm to 20 cm. It is presented with the classic dome shape to be cut sliced or “chocolate” type. It is a real powerhouse of energy, rich in nutritional properties and to be regulated free of added dyes and added preservatives.

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