Made by us, with passion

and respect for quality

Quality, homemade

We have chosen a quality production, based on seasonal products and linked to our territory. From summer ice cream parlors to seasonal productions of pandoro, panettone, colomba, and Easter pizzas via small and large pastries without forgetting our flagship chocolate shop.

Everything we do in Evy is done with passion, love and attention to every detail.


Brioche, fresh pastries, biscuits, shortbread and tarts, cakes of various types, seasonal productions such as pandoro, panettone, doves and Easter pizzas. For us, this is what pastry is all about: An art to be handed down and enjoyed.

The creativity of chocolate

Chocolate makes everyone smile.

And we to make you smile with a sensory journey inside taste, with raw materials we carefully select, choosing a particular line ranging from 85 percent fondant to white.

In addition, you can find handcraftedchocolates with various fillings, bars, praline almonds and hazelnuts, gianduia and dark nougat.

The sweetest breakfast

A habit, a pleasure, the best way to start the day. Freshly baked brioches and croissants filled with homemade creams and jams.

Not to be missed is the apple Morbidissimo, but also our mix of cultures, flavors and colors given by sfogliatelle with ricotta and chocolate, maritozzi, bomboloni, doughnuts and more

Christmas and Easter in sweetness

Because what would Christmas be without homemade panettone or pandoro?

We create them following tradition so you can take home the sweet atmosphere of this time of year.

And let’s not forget Easter, with doves and Easter pizzas-the perfect mix of sweet and savory.

From cake to cake

Looking for the perfect one for you and your party. From a tradition dating back thousands of years, used to celebrate birthdays as far back as ancient Greece, our cakes are made to order, even hand-painted: true works of art to be enjoyed.

We are sorry

Given the few days remaining, we cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas Day.