LUIGI AND GIOVANNA – Orvieto Doc Classico Superiore


LUIGI AND GIOVANNA – Orvieto Doc Classico Superiore


This is the story of a precious wine.

It is born in vineyards on the green slopes of Umbria, bent to the coils of the wind and caressed by the waters of Lake Corbara.

A unique and intoxicating nectar, born from the passion of Luigi and Giovanna Barberani.

It is since 1961, in fact, that the Barberani family has been renewing the ancient ritual of the grape harvest with skilled hands, transforming the grapes into a symphony of aromas and flavors in total respect for the territory and tradition.

A passion rooted in the past and through love and devotion passed down from generation to generation, it traces the future of Umbrian agriculture on a timeless journey.



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“The story of a love of life and wine a family of ancient Italian traditions. A lake, hills and the fruits that grow there secrets handed down through generations. 50 years of passion, 50 vintages of love.”

2011 marks the 50th anniversary of Barberani Farm. The life of our winery has always centered on two pivotal figures of the family, Luigi and Giovanna, just as the history of our wines has always centered on their respective passions: the native grape varieties of our territory and “Muffa Nobile.” Traditional varieties reflect the oldest traditions of our lands and can give wines of great structure and complexity. On the other hand, “Muffa Nobile” knows how to enhance the elegance and aromaticity of the grapes, in a voluptuous play of poetry and sensations. From the union of these two passionate visions comes “LUIGI AND GIOVANNA,” the wine most representative of this mutual love of wine and life.

Vineyard size: about 2.5 ha

Exposure: Southwest

Altitude: 200-300 asl

Soil: Sedimentary, with the presence of marine fossils, pebbles and limestone agglomerates

Training system: double Guyot

Planting density: 4,500 vines per hectare

Yield per hectare: about 60 qli

Harvest: Manual

Harvest period: September-October

Fermentation: With native yeasts, in stainless steel for 20 days

Fermentation temperature: 15-20 °C

Malolactic fermentation: Spontaneous, with indigenous bacteria

Agriculture: Biodynamically inspired. We do not use herbicides in our vineyards. We do not use pesticides. Fertilizations are conducted with biodynamic preparations, burying of shoots and green manure of grasses and legumes.

Age of vines: 30 years old

Color: Deep straw yellow

Nose: Fruity, tropical, elegant and enveloping

Flavor: Harmoniously complex and highly enjoyable

Pairing: Excellent with even complex first courses, shellfish, fish, mixed fried foods and white meats

Serving temperature: 12-15 °C

Bottle quantity: 750 ml

Allergens: Sulfites


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