CALCAIA – Orvieto Doc Classico Superiore Muffa Nobile


CALCAIA – Orvieto Doc Classico Superiore Muffa Nobile


This is the story of a precious wine.

It is born in vineyards on the green slopes of Umbria, bent to the coils of the wind and caressed by the waters of Lake Corbara.

A unique and intoxicating nectar, born from the passion of Luigi and Giovanna Barberani.

It is since 1961, in fact, that the Barberani family has been renewing the ancient ritual of the grape harvest with skilled hands, transforming the grapes into a symphony of aromas and flavors in total respect for the territory and tradition.

A passion rooted in the past and through love and devotion passed down from generation to generation, it traces the future of Umbrian agriculture on a timeless journey.


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On autumn mornings a thick fog envelops the vineyards of Orvieto Classico. Grapes, in this particular microclimate, are gradually attacked by a particular mold, “Botrytis Cinerea,” which, if special weather conditions occur, turns into “Molda Nobile.” Morning humidity alternating with mild, breezy afternoon weather is the sine qua non for this magic to manifest. Such a Mold feeds, from the outside, on the liquid contents of the fruit where it takes root, dehydrates the berry, concentrating its sugars and acidity. “Botrytis Cinerea” thus enhances the organoleptic complexity of the wine, giving it unique and unmistakable aromatic and taste notes. For harvesting, at least five or six successive harvests, repeated at different times, spread between October and December, are required in order to pick only the fruits that have taken root from the “Noble Mold” and leave those not yet ready on the plant from time to time. The resulting musts are particularly dense, rich and fragrant. Subsequent fermentation occurs slowly and steadily over an extended period and stops naturally. The first vintage produced was 1986, but in fact experimentation on this very special Molda was already born in the late 1970s, thanks to the research and passion of Luigi Barberani.

Vineyard size: about 6 ha

Exposure: Southwest

Altitude: 200-300 asl

Soil: Sedimentary, with the presence of marine fossils, pebbles and limestone agglomerates

Training system: double Guyot

Planting density: 4,500 vines per hectare

Yield per hectare: about 30 qli

Harvest: Manual

Harvest period: October-December

Fermentation: With native yeasts, in stainless steel for 20 days

Fermentation temperature: 15-20 °C

Agriculture: Biodynamically inspired. We do not use herbicides in our vineyards. We do not use pesticides. Fertilizations are conducted with biodynamic preparations, burying of shoots and green manure of grasses and legumes.

Age of vines: 30 years old

Color: Golden yellow

Nose: Elegant and enveloping bouquet of acacia honeys and hints of spice, saffron

Taste: Unctuous and persuasive, harmoniously smooth, sweet and lingering

Pairing: Goes well with fatty liver appetizers, blue, goat or sharp cheeses, and dry pastries. It is great meditation wine

Serving temperature: 12-14 °C

Bottle quantity: 500 ml

Allergens: Sulfites


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