Our Story

It was 1977 when opened a small production of dry, fresh and savory pastries, with a small store next to the workshop. Thus Evy was born.

As the years passed, the bakery grew while keeping the refinement for raw materials intact, handing down recipes from generation to generation, up to the third with Diego who, every day, always seeks new standards of quality, innovating with new techniques and recipes.

Innovation starts with a rose

A rose corolla is our delicate and refined symbol, our mantra and goal.

Over the years, however, our symbol has changed with us, improving, simplifying and seeking a new and more modern key. And here the rose becomes stylized and the colors delicate but striking.

We have made quality our philosophy

Good and quality desserts, respecting tradition but innovating it, every day, to reach higher and higher levels. Therefore, each of our products is created with care and dedication, from the laboratory to its final packaging.

Everyone has a piece de resistance

Ours is the pampepato

The origins of Terni ‘s Panpepato are traced back to the 16th century, but in many ways, it is thought to have been a creation of the Romans. The first traces of a written recipe date back to 1851:

Mèle pounds one and a half, zuccaro half pound, amandole attostate one pound, nocchiole half pound, bitter amandole half ounce, flour flower half pound, walnuts half a pound, candied orange, cinnamon, black pepper and clove pepper.. “

A dessert with a humble, peasant history, in the 1920s, aided by the growing schooling of the population, “gingerbread ” became “pampepato,” typical of the Christmas tradition.

We chose it as our workhorse, as a dessert that represents our history, our philosophy and our goals: to make something simple spectacular.

We are sorry

Given the few days remaining, we cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas Day.